Triathlon champions: Moulsford

The Rogue Runners were one of Moulsford’s top fundraising teams raising an incredible £530 and surpassing their individual and team targets for the Schools Triathlon at Bradfield College. Charlotte had the pleasure of speaking with Charlie, Charlie, Guy and Theo when she visited Moulsford School to do an assembly for this year’s Flight Centre Schools Triathlon.

How did you come up with your team name?

A wonderful aspect of the triathlons is that family members can get involved in all sorts of ways, as we learnt from The Rogue Runners. Including naming their teams; one of the team told us; ‘my sister said it should be something fast, because hers was, she was in the Speedy Sisters.’ Taking out the competitive aspect and collaborating with other teams is inspiring to see.

‘It was great because my sisters team were there, and one of their brothers who is in our year was there, so we got to see him.’

What motivated you to raise money?

The Rogue Runners raised £530, going well above and beyond their £100 individual targets. They ‘wanted to do something’ that would make a difference.

The Rogue Runners post-interview

By raising these funds for Restless Development and their schools chosen charity, the team have supported young people around the world tackle issues they face in their communities, from the effects of climate change to helping young people get off the streets and into employment.

What was your favourite part?

The team excitedly talked over each other to give their answer. ‘Running,’ ‘Cycling.’ ‘Running and ‘Cycling,’ ‘Mine was running, not swimming.’

They start to natter among themselves, speaking about the details of their kit;

‘Charlie, can you remember your goggles next time.’

“I was the only one with a tri suit on.’

‘I left my swimming shorts.’

Charlie tells us he isn’t the most confident runner. ‘I just ran because I wanted to.’ The triathlons are for all abilities, so even if a participant feels under confident in one disciple, the triathlons are designed to enable everyone to give it a go.

The Rogue Runners post-assembly, getting ready for their chat with Restless Development.

Did you enjoy your family and friends being there?

‘Yeah, it was nice they were there to watch and it was really nice they watched us cross the finish line together’ which the team recounts they ‘flew across.’ The comradery emanating from teams as they finish the course is infectious. There are lively celebrations as they are awarded their medals and goody bags, have their photos taken and are congratulated by their friends and family.

What advice would you give to new triathletes?

The team offered some serious advice at this point; ‘the timing stops when the person with the timing chip crosses the line, so make sure they are at the front.’ This was on reflection from last year as the member with the timing chip was second to last to cross the line.

Will you take part again this year?

‘We always do stuff as a team. We’ve taken part in triathlons before, not as a team but together.’ These four boys are clearly very close, they have such a love for being active together. When asked whether they would be in the same team, they unanimously said ‘YES’.

Thank you Charlie, Charlie, Guy and Theo we look forward to seeing you again this year at Bradfield College, Flight Centre Schools Triathlon on Sunday 17th May.


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Triathlon champions: Moulsford

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