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Sharing advice and information with people, offline and online, can save lives but be careful. The spread of misinformation can cause panic or stop people taking the virus seriously. It can also drown out accurate information about how people can keep themselves and others safe. You can read more about the current infodemic here.

We all see hundreds of articles, posts, videos and stories online every day. So how can you be sure what your reading is true? Here’s a handy guide from FactCheck.org, an independent fact checking organisation. Other similar organisations like FullFact provide similar services.

You can help fight back against the infodemic and be a myth buster. Download this set of graphics from the World Health Organisation, familiarise yourself with these false claims which are circulating on social media and then share these graphics to stop others from being misled (be sure to add #YouthPower, and asks your friends to share).


You can… Be a Myth Buster

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