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If you’re stuck inside it’s really important to keep yourself stimulated, entertained, productive, connected and motivated. So why not flex your creative muscles, write a poem, and take some time to think about all the things that make you brilliant?

Zohab Khan is a performance poet, educator, motivational speaker, didgeridoo player and hip hop artist from Australia. And he co-founded the Pakistan Poetry Slam in 2015. In this video, in just half an hour he will walk you through how to write a poem, from start to finish, all about how brilliant you are. Because you are brilliant.

Have you given this challenge a try? Share your poems in the comments below or tweet us, we’d love to see it! Now is the time to stay connected, maybe invite your friends to try writing a poem, or try writing one about how brilliant your friends are!

Check back every day, we’ll be bringing you more activities to take part in if you’re #FeelingRestless.


You can… Write a poem about how brilliant you are.

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