You can have your say! (Nepal)

One way you can take action is to share your experience through surveys to help shape organisational responses to the crisis. This study, is open to young people living in Nepal.

Ben Lacey

Ben Lacey is a communications officer for Restless Development, and editor of the WeAreRestless blog. He loves writing and reading and spends his spare time performing as a spoken word poet around London.

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  1. This is exactly what I needed to read. My passion to work for and with the community keeps me restless all day.

    Would love to be a part of you especially with matters to do with hunger and poverty reduction through practical, cost effective and specific Community based nutrition interventions.

    Would love to hear from you ☺️

    1. Hi Margaret,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. We’d love to have you join our #YouthPower community. If you follow this link to our facebook page you can find lots of ways to get involved.

      I’d also suggest following Restless Development Nepal on FB, Twitter and Insta (I’m assuming that where you’re based)!

      All the best,

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You can have your say! (Nepal)

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