COVID-19: What does it mean for youth-led organisations and movements?

Youth-led organisations and movements are acting on an unprecedented scale to respond to COVID-19 in their communities, says Freya Seath.

But before this pandemic, these organisations were already facing multiple challenges – access to funding, training, resources, and connection to other youth organisations and development actors were just some of the issues we identified in our research. 

COVID-19 is already starting to have a major impact on their work.  So we’ve just launched a call for 12 youth co-researchers to help us understand how these organisations are being affected and how they are responding.

Here’s why.

1. These organisations are on the frontline

Youth organisations are best placed to lead local responses. They are already working within communities and have the trust, credibility and networks to slow the pandemic. And understanding how these organisations respond gives a picture of what is happening locally.  Our research will unpack the kinds of support and resources youth organisations need to keep doing their vital work.

2. We must be ready to build back better

As we recover from the impacts of the pandemic, we have the opportunity to create a more just and sustainable world – one that is equal, respects human rights, addresses climate change and leaves no one behind. Knowing what youth-led organisations need to thrive will help build back a better world.

3. Youth-led organisations are experts in their own experiences

Who understands the impact of COVID-19 on youth-led organisations and movements more than anyone else? Young people of course. This research is therefore going to be designed and led by a team of young co-researchers from every region of the world.

Join our team of co-researchers. 

Together we can capture a global picture of how youth civil society is affected, and the resilience of these organisations and movements to respond – and crucially what support they need to recover, continue their work and grow. 

Find out more about the role and apply here. The deadline to apply is this Sunday May 10th.

This research is being coordinated by Restless Development in collaboration with The Development Alternative and Recrear International.

Freya is Restless Development’s Global Senior Advocacy Manager.


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COVID-19: What does it mean for youth-led organisations and movements?

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