Surviving COVID19 (A smartphone documentary)

“Personally, we haven’t experienced a time like this where the world isn’t concerned about finance or country-enemies and conflict, where the streets lie deserted of cars and people and silence is clearly heard. Hence, our quest to get the perspectives of other young adults living and experiencing this time in different parts of the world, in order to share experiences, connect and draw strength. This documentary is a smartphone virtual documentary of youths around the world.”

Eric and Chioma. 

Eric Kafui Okyerefo is a Ghanaian media entrepreneur passionate about amplifying the voices of
young people and disrupting the traditional film and media industry. Eric holds a Bachelor of
Arts Degree in Communication Studies, and is working towards a career in using technology in
disrupting Africa’s film and media industry.

You can find him on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Chioma Paul-Dike is a creative entrepreneur from Nigeria, who uses film as a tool to create
impact. She has produced several short films, and is very passionate about films and storytelling.
Chioma holds a degree in Communication and is currently studying Filmmaking at the
MultiChoice Talent Factory; a MultiChoice Group initiative. She looks forward to a career in
disrupting the film industry in Nigeria and beyond.

You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Photo by Napendra Singh on Unsplash


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Surviving COVID19 (A smartphone documentary)

by Eric Okyerefo Reading time: 1 min