You can…show solidarity.

COVID19 may be driving people apart physically, but there have been so many fantastic demonstrations of the strength of our connectedness. We know that we are all #StrongerTogether.

So on the 22nd May, we want to celebrate our connection, bring brightness and hope into people’s lives, and send a message of solidarity to everyone across the world. That’s why we’re joining SolidarityinAction for a global day of solidarity.

Here’s how you can be a part of it!

We want to light up the world with colour; online and offline. To create a transformative ripple. Here’s how;

1. Join the Solidarity meet up call.

You can join our Youth Power panelists and other young people around the world for a live meet-up session discussing how we can begin to #buildbackbetter.


2. Draw/Paint a Rainbow or a butterfly

You can brighten up your window, your street or your social media wall by drawing and sharing rainbows or butterflies. You can get creative with these butterfly wings, or colour in this black and white version, or use these Facebook and Instagram filters to record a message of solidarity.

Remember to use chalk if you’re drawing outside so that it can be washed away easily and if you’re sharing online use the #StrongerTogether and #Youthpower.

Solidarity rainbows

3. Wear colour and share colour

Why not share a photo of yourself online wearing your brightest clothes. Or join up with your friends and screenshot a whole wall of colour in a video call. Or follow this guide on changing your zoom background and make a wall of butterflies.

You could write a message of solidarity to help others know they’re not alone.

4. Make a people paperchain

A fun way to show solidarity with children everywhere. Create a colourful paper chain and
hold it up in a photograph to create a link across the world.

Don’t have paper? Use your imagination! Bake a row of gingerbread people, draw them in
chalk or make them from clothing.

Solidarity paperchains

5. Stand with others, broadcast positive stories

It’s very easy to be overwhelmed, to feel negative at times like these. But it’s important to recognise all of the incredible people around the world; nurses and doctors, delivery drivers, supermarket workers, community mobilisers, charities and governments who are tackling the pandemic, keeping others safe and looking out for one another.

Show them some love. Share their stories? Tell other people about your community heroes using the #Strongertogether and #youthpower hashtags.

You can also share this joint statement from civil society organisations which helps start the conversation about how we can not only recover from the virus but #Buildbackbetter. Or check out our guides on helping people get connected, continuing campaigning or helping out vulnerable groups.

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You can…show solidarity.

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