Young people have the answers. They just need a platform.

Young people have the answers, the innovation and agility to address the world’s biggest issues, that’s why we wanted to create an appropriate forum to hear them, says Tracy Chula.

Young people have the answers. 

The world is being tossed from turmoil to turmoil. From one unprecedented situation to another, one would be inclined to wonder what would put a stop to all the chaos? 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

The answer lies plain as day; young people have proved countless times that they have what it takes to reshape onerous situations for the better. Right now the youth community is needed to channel the world onto a fruitful path. This is a generation of change, and all we need is the right platforms to enable us.

They need a platform.

Introducing the virtual World Youth Model United Nations (WYMUN), delivered in partnership with the United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) Kenya. We will be hosting young delegates (aged 13-24) from across the globe to take part in a mock session of the United Nations (UN). 

The United Nations is the exact sort of international forum we need to address the current situations that are crippling our world; including the COVID19 pandemic, the crisis war and famine in Yemen, and racism and police brutality in America. That is why we need a similar space to air ideas from young people across the globe in the same spirit of cooperation. Delegates from various backgrounds and regions uniting to build essential connections and collaborations on numerous tasks provided at hand. If ‘two heads are better than one’ then more than two have unimaginable potential. 

To build movements not trends. 

We need  ‘Movements not Trends’, young people are ready to take a stand for what is right in society and make everlasting impacts rather than temporary changes that simply serve as ‘trends’ in the eye of the media. From the climate movement to the black lives matter movement, this generation has shown it is no longer riding with the waves, they are stirring up a storm! 

Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow. It is these young ‘woke’ leaders that challenge the status quo, that are stirring revolutions to break the chains of submission and mediocrity. That is why we have devised a platform that provides delegates a chance to showcase their leadership skills in various positions, as national ambassadors; who lead the country members in writing effective resolutions, to the senior chair; who ensures conducive procedures and etiquette. In taking up such roles, one is provided the opportunity to mold their character into the compelling leader we all need today.

Young people have the answers we have long been searching for. Through this platform they have a chance to raise their voice and discuss current world affairs using UN procedures, to articulate resolutions that effectively tackle social, economic, political and human rights issues being faced in various countries. 

To make change in the world. 

The resolutions that are passed may be submitted to the UN general assembly, to be possibly implemented where they offer a fruitful solution. 

Participants will also help to fundraise for UNYA Kenya, who are working along with WYMUN to achieve UN sustainable development goal number 6, which aims at providing clean water and sanitation to all. The money we raise will build  a solar powered water borehole to a rural area of Kenya.

Young people have not given us reason to doubt their potential. Their innovative minds paired with their in-built technological fluency means that they are the perfect tool to build a bounteous future. Pandemic or not, there comes a time where the youth are summoned to rise. The time is now. This is more than a conference; this is a movement. 

Get involved.

WYMUN welcomes participants with any kind of experience regarding MUN on the grounds of unity and collaboration amongst the youth community. If you want to be a part of the conference follow this link.

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Young people have the answers. They just need a platform.

by Tracy Chula Reading time: 3 min