The 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) is underway. Representatives of all 193 member states are meeting to discuss the road forward. The pandemic is not the only issue the world faces. Racism, intolerance, inequality, climate change, poverty, hunger, armed conflict and other ills remain global challenges. These challenges call for global action. The decisions made here will impact your life. Here’s 5 exciting ways you can GET INVOLVED from attending webinars to volunteering with us to put sustainable development in the spotlight!

📺 Watch/Listen in. 💪 Get Active.

📺 Get inspired at the SDG Action Zone

Tuesday 22nd – Thursday 24th September. Register now🔗

Connect and inspire with some seriously talented and inspiring speakers working towards making the world a better place. From impact entrepreneurs transforming the healthcare sector to NASA scientists using technology to clean the world and improve access to education; from harnessing facts for activism to harnessing indigenous solutions to protect land; from identifying online solutions to real-world violence to putting intersectionality into practice in the business world; from forming unconventional alliances to breaking down barriers for women to lead the way; from youth driving climate action to parliamentarians rejuvenating action in government corridors; the SDG Action Zone is the go-to place to learn, get inspired and find new collaborators to supercharge solutions together.

Over the course of three days, leading decision makers, policy makers, thinkers, actors, creators, activists and young people with energy, determinism and real solutions will engage in frank debates and share insights and ideas to drive the exponential change so needed for people and our planet. Keep an eye out for our feminist discussion event; Past, Present, Futures: Intergenerational Resilience.

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💪 Global day of Factivism!

25th September. Get everything you need to get involved using this link 🔗.

This has been a year like no other, but in the darkness there is an opportunity. This is our chance to rebuild a better world. But to do so we need to know the state of our world and take action.That’s where you come in. We need accurate data to help us understand the state of our world, know how much progress we need to make and see the impacts of COVID-19. As part of Project Everyone’s Global Goals Week (18-26th September), we want to spread the knowledge. Join us in sharing ten up to date facts about the state of our world RIGHT now and inspire people to take action; from supporting campaigns to changing their habits. Find out everything you need to know to get involved.

📺 Past, Present, Futures: Intergenerational Feminist Resilience

Thursday 24th September, 14:30 – 15:15 EST. Register now🔗

Young people have been driving the gender equality agenda, building on the successes of previous generations. This exciting event will bring together young feminists and earlier feminists to learn, together and discuss how to keep building a gender equal future. Speakers include Youth Power panelist Natalie Tingo, Youth Accountability Advocate Ena Zafar and Abel Koka from the Beijing+25 Youth Task force. To attend this event you will need to register for the SDG Action Zone and then find this event in the programme.

💪 Wiki Loves SDGs ❤️

19th-29th September. Join the edit-athon.

We can only make progress on the Global Goals if the world has up to date and accurate information. Wikipedia is one of the world’s most visited websites. That is why, on 19-26th September, hundreds of volunteers from around the world will come together to create Wikipedia pages of the Global Goals helping spread the knowledge about people, planet and our progress towards the Global Goals. Join us!

Find out everything you need to know to get involved in our edit-athon. See you there!

📺 Resilient Realities: Stories of COVID19 Youth Resilience and Resistance

Monday 21st September @ 2pm (UTC). Register now

Ahead of our new report on the state of youth civil society, join five powerful youth activists from around the world as they share their personal stories of resilience and resistance in the face of the COVID19 through storytelling, art, poetry and music. This inspiring team are fresh from a four month youth-led research project exploring the state of youth civil society, documenting the incredible response and recovery efforts in their communities. Register using the link below and you can also get a copy of the report the day its released!

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