Climate justice requires an inner-revolution.

If we are to rise to the challenge that climate change poses, we must all achieve an inner-revolution, the path to change starts with small steps, says Poorvi Mehrotra.

Climate change is real. To confront it we need a revolution. We need a social revolution, a scientific revolution but most importantly an inner-revolution. We need a shift in mindset then when realised, by each one of us, will bring about a fundamental change in human life. The situation is in front of us and leaving it to the experts and advocates to take action is like giving in to the crisis; the most difficult yet the most important decision that we can make is not to give up or make it someone else’s responsibility. 

Climate change is real. It’s effects can already be seen, and it will impact all of us. We must not leave anyone behind and we must also acknowledge that it is each one of us who needs to be the change that we wish to see. 

The 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development promised that no one would be left behind. Sustainable Development Goal 13 talks about the drastic impact Climate change is having on each one of us and Global warming is causing long-lasting changes to our climate system, which threatens irreversible consequences if we do not act. This will not just impact the environment but also affect we, the people who depend upon it.  The impacts will not be equal as our society is not equal;  women, children, and older generations, are likely to suffer in particularly acute ways. Inequalities are exacerbated by crisis, as has been seen with the COVID19 pandemic. But all of us are in danger. 

Personally, as a young person,I have seen the quality of air deteriorating so fast in the past few years that it is difficult to remember what it was like to breathe in clean air. The impact of this pollution is severe and is uncovering itself slowly; but before we run out of ways to rectify it and make the global targets a reality, we need to work together and make the impossible, possible. That starts with all of us. We must educate children and young people to be the voice and the torch bearers.

The feeling of powerlessness to bring about a change can be overwhelming but if we continue to make a difference through simple efforts and work towards transforming our local realities, we can change the global picture. We can begin by educating ourselves on Climate Change, engaging our local communities and pledging to bring a small shift in our daily behaviours. If we  can all take one or more people with us, we can make a big change. That’s why I’m joining Restless Development is joining the Count Us In campaign and building a Climate Action network. You can start by signing up for it.

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Climate justice requires an inner-revolution.

by Poorvi Mehrotra Reading time: 2 min