3 free ways you can make a difference this winter!

Usually, when it’s approaching the festive period and the new year, many of us take the opportunity to think about how to give back to our local communities and the causes we feel most passionately about. This year with the pandemic adding challenges and disruptions to businesses, charities, and our lives in general, perhaps you’re looking for a way to make a difference this year that doesn’t involve a financial donation. Here are 3 alternative ways you can make a difference this December.


Starting a fundraiser and raising money for a cause close to your heart is a great way to contribute to an organisation or charity. You could do a sponsored sports activity like a run or walk or if you’re heading into another lockdown, you could even host a virtual event. Encouraging family and friends to get involved could make your event even bigger and better, even if it has to be at a social distance!

Stuck for ideas? GoFundMe has put together these easy fundraising ideas. Once you’ve narrowed down an idea, here are 10 top tips for fundraising success

Spread The Word

At first, it may not seem like it would make that much of a difference, however, spreading the word about a movement or cause can help an organisation or charity reach more people, raising awareness and even finding prospective donors. Whether you distribute posters, invite an organisation to speak at your workplace, or share their messaging on social media, you will be helping them on their mission by reaching more unique people, far and wide.

Join The Movement

Why stand on the sidelines when you can join the movement? If you can’t attend events or volunteering opportunities in person, that’s no reason to miss out on supporting a cause or organisation. Perhaps you can recruit other members to join the team, help with communications, or offer another skill that will help the movement get noticed. If you can’t find a movement to join, why not start your own? Groups like the Youth Power Facebook group can help you find youth organisations looking for help or other opportunities to donate your skills.

Don’t let the pandemic or a financially tough year allow you to miss out on raising awareness of issues, fighting for social justice, or rallying for change. There are plenty of ways you can still get involved and support the causes you’re passionate about.

Looking for some ways to support Restless Development?

Start a fundraiser: https://restlessdevelopment.org/support-us/fundraising-events/

Use your Youth Power: https://restlessdevelopment.org/use-your-youth-power/

Attend an event: https://restlessdevelopment.org/category/events/

Featured Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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3 free ways you can make a difference this winter!

by Anna Ashbarry Reading time: 2 min