Members of the Cameroon Youths in Development

Young people in Cameroon: “We are the leaders of tomorrow”

Young people in Cameroon are the leading voice in advocating for change, says Elvis Ayafor, founder of Cameroon Youths In Development.

Cameroon Youths In Development

Cameroon Youths In Development is a not-for-profit organization run and led by young Cameroonians. Established in 2015, the organisation provides young people necessary education, training and resources. The main objective is to allow young people to work towards achieving the sustainable development goals in their local communities. 

Members of Cameroon Youths In Development

We are very sure to be the leaders of tomorrow and now we are acquiring the skill necessary for tomorrow’s leadership. We’re inculcate this spirit of leadership into every young person that we train. We believe in the creative power of youths and we believe we are the change that our society needs. We are engaged in solving the problems of today so that we will be in a better position tomorrow.”

Elvis Ayafor

Increasing unemployment in Cameroon

One of the biggest challenges facing young people in Cameroon is increasing youth unemployment. We have taken up the challenge of addressing this issue through our “My Talent MySkill MyJob” initiative. Through this initiative, we train young people in a variety of different fields and skills. At the end of their training we provide them with the necessary resources to establish themselves in their field of interest.

Training young Cameroonians

Members of Cameroon Youths in Development in a meeting

As of today, we have trained 2320 young people and created 800 different job opportunities. Our goal in 2021 is to train another 2000 young people and ensure that they are recruited after their training. We partnered with experts who volunteered to train young people. With increasing volunteers and donations, we find it easier to facilitate our work.

Tackling COVID19

Cameroon Youths In Development has worked hard to combat the COVID19 pandemic it’s aftereffects on our communities. Young people are engaging with the community and sensitizing them to the preventive measures put in place by the WHO.

Through our efforts, we have been able to target 10 villages in our country. The pandemic has affected local communities to an extent that they are unable to provide basic needs to their children. We are also providing children with books and school supplies to enable them to continue learning while their schools remain shut due to the lockdown. 

Vision 2030

We believe in our vision of 2030. Change can only come when we come together as youth and work for it. We believe that young people have the power, potentials to bring about the necessary change that we need in Cameroon. This is why we are standing up, working, and advocating for change

Read more about The Cameroon Youths In Development here and support their COVID19 fundraiser.


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Young people in Cameroon: “We are the leaders of tomorrow”

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