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Poetry as resistance: No More Ache

Prince Praise, poet and creative thinker from Uganda 🇺🇬 uses his poetry as a form of resistance. He wrote “No more Ache” as a response to widespread systemic racism in the UK 🇬🇧 .

Built on a thousand tired backs,

Hundred’s of which have been broken, 

yet in some way it still survives.

Injustice roams it’s corridors,

as freedom is announced on it’s alters.

All those years,

All those tears, 

no one ever considered.

The disease we fought on branches,

was deeply rooted in the system.

So clear, 

now we see the fear

in their demeanour, 

how they shake and scramble

as they see our tears. 


we are here, 

with no apology or fear.

Waiting to hear your words, and reply. 

We will break the walls

behind which your silence speaks

picking every brick, screaming every whisper

No more tricks,

No more fear.

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Poetry as resistance: No More Ache

by Mugisha Praise Reading time: 1 min