What do young people have to say to leaders at COP26?

Leaders at COP26 hold the world’s future in their hands.  Yet they’re not listening to the majority.  

Young people make up half of the world’s population but are being excluded, especially those who live in countries most affected by climate change, where the majority of young people live.

We are supporting the inclusion of young people at COP26. Young people have important messages for leaders at COP 26. They deserve to be heard.

We are supporting five young climate activists from across the world who are heading to Glasgow to bring as many youth voices into COP26 as possible.

Climate action will fail without the inclusion of the voices of the world’s younger generations.

Our Five Youth Power Climate Reps are taking young people’s messages to the leaders at COP26

Listen to what young people from the #missingmajority have to say to the leaders at COP26.

The world is reaching its tipping point beyond which climate change may become irreversible. If this happens we risk denying the present and future generations the right to a healthy and sustainable planet- the whole world stands to lose remember we are the generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.


Tell the leaders at COP26 that their present matters but our future matters even more. Climate change is real and is here now! We need smart solutions now! Let the bigger economies get out of their comfortable chairs and lead to finding better solutions.

Let them agree to reshape their economies first then every one else will!


There should be a robust conversation on integrating homegrown solutions (local innovations) that build and strengthen the communities’ resilience to shocks of Climate change through resource use efficiency.

Prolinnova, Kenya

May the decision of each leader at #COP20 take into perspective the future generation. Our future and the future of your children and grandchildren lie in your hands. Be considerate to understand the outcomes of each decision you take. #YouthPower

Jitoleze Foundation International

I am going to be practical here.

Climate change is actually affecting everyone on earth. But the elites, multi companies owners, politicians, greedy scientists are destroying our planet. The solution is to put pressure on them by making them understand that their actions are destroying our earth. They control our politics, economy, faith, media, freedom, everything. If they can come together and see reasons, our planet will be saved.


The government should involve the young people in the preservation of the climate to sustainably achieve it. The leaders at COP26 should know that young people are the key players in any aspect therefore they should involve them in whatever they plan and intend to do.

Mugoya Yusuf

Two weapons most powerful to be considered in combating climatic change are: Young people and Technology

Eric Gifted

Leaders must come together and make aggressive legislation to impose limits on greenhouse gas emissions. Also, leaders should acknowledge the Youth and involve them in all major climate actions to help raise awareness about climate change


The world is one and we are sharing, so all leaders should have common code of conduct to rescue nature from CFCs and the issue of protecting the world should not be an optional one to the developed countries. We youth suffer from their enjoyment #youthpower

Romward Rutahiwa

At #COP26 we are the change rather than waiting for the change. It’s high time to come together as one and take immediate actions to save this planet because there is no planet B.


I wish the world could realize that we need more trees, animals( both domestic and wild), lakes,rivers etc than they need us. One word for a wise person is enough..

Opedun Emma

Leaders must champion climate change and its effects by taking into consideration the welfare of the citizens. They must walk the talk, without greed

Esther Bissani

Besides our leaders, it is a collective effort for all of us to unite and take immediate action against climate change and its impacts on the environment. It begins with me.

Atim Pamela

Many organization leaders like Husambae Community Based Organization need a lot of empowerment, support to deal with climate, environment conservation because lack of resources make us, as leaders not implement the work very well on the ground.

Michael Joseph Bole

The issue is a cross-generational issue and handling it needs to focus on the systematic causes that have been passed onto different generations over time and visibly threatens the recurrence of the same. Globe leaders need to pay attention to the need of the people, a person making a living out of the destruction of trees can never understand the importance of preserving them. A lot needs to be invested in technology to reduce the impact industries have on the environment. Approaches that are eco friendly are the way to go. Those and many should not just be in rhetoric.

Jackson W

My message to leaders at COP26 is that, let leaders be United so as to create peace which will make us all achieve the goal we are aiming for.

Loriku Benedicto

My message is “investment for green entrepreneurs and initiatives”.

Shawul Mengistu

I start by thanking the leaders for sensitising the general world and third world countries like Uganda on how to conserve the environment. 

Isabirye Musamiru

Developed countries should reduce carbon emissions, encourage afforestation, go organic and let nature remain natural. They should support poor countries to develop hydroelectricity based on the water resources.

Ram Bhujel

Climate talks didn’t start today, they have been going on for years. I believe it’s time for action and policies put in place to be implemented. We only have one Planet Earth.

Gift Nawakwi

For youth to fight climate change, they should start with themselves by taking on good practices they preach.


We need to come together to tackle climate change. The effects are unbearable. If the leaders come together, we can make the world a better place.

Godfrey Asa Nyanga

Youth can lead,can make positive change..Youth with innovation-innovation is key to solving climate change impacts.

Zahra Salehe

Leaders, be courageous and honest savants of your people and our organisations..

Honourable Mazabuka

They should talk and discuss more issues based on youth, young people, employment, disease and how to protect our environment and culture.

Daniel Samson

Echoing the great Dalai Lama, there are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to act on climate change. Today is the day to believe and join hands to against the calamity.


The issue of global warming has become worse day by day, and so the leaders should think about how to empower youths in STEM so the youths will learn Mathematical models important to lead the fight against Climate Change.


We are all doomed. However, there is hope. Understanding of the concept, problem analysis and acknowledgement that all diversity and nature matters over economy. Awareness and implementation of sustainability will be a great chain of solutions.

Ophoke Leonard Onyebuchi

The world is changing its beauty and scenery because of human development and application of technology in different sectors especially Agricultural and Industrial. We want what investors gain through nature to be replaced through environmental management programmes.

Romward Rutahiwa

Positive climatical change can be brought and maintained through youth investment and innovation.


Dear leaders,as young people, we demand for a clean future. Enough is enough! Support Mother Nature to thrive again.


Act now, not tomorrow, the planet earth and its people will perish if you do not act. Respect our voices and save mother earth.

Festo Majinjach

How to help poorest counties pay for adaptation to the climate damage? How to reduce the heat-trapping carbon emissions that scientist warn can inflict catastrophic damage on millions of people? How can you help African countries to end terrorism and unemployment amongst the youths?

Isa Dagona

To me, talking about climate change is not enough. There must be some practical action taken by youth either in groups or individually. After all, the youth are the major abusers of the environment. Taking Uganda as an example, it is the youth cutting down the trees to burn charcoal and so on. So to me we have reached a point where we need to tell hard facts to the youth that continuing violating the environment will never solve the hardships that come as a result of unemployment.

Francis Okodel

I think all we need now as young people from Sierra Leone is tangible empowerment and support to youths. We have provided a lot of information to you regarding the present climatic conditions of Africa, but nothing seems to be done yet.

Mark Sara Koroma

Why should our children live with this can we make it better for them? Please!

Jerm Tade

It is such a critical matter that needs us to devise solutions now not later.In Uganda, the major cause of climate damage that eventually leads to effects on the change, is poverty. Majority of the Ugandans are aware of the effects human activities on the environment. However, they have no option since the government has not done enough to address unemployment in the country.This means that people have to look for the immediate remedies to help them overcome poverty and this can only be seen in immediate surrounding. So here people cut trees for charcoal and fire wood which they sell for money and use as fuel.

In the end ,the climate gets affected in such a way that seasons change. We have for instance, lost knowledge on season prediction unlike before when people could describe months with what happened during them in terms of things like, December is all rainny,January is sunny.

This has all changed and seasons just fall on us unexpectedly, this sometimes ends in terrible outcomes like destruction of life.In a nutshell, all thís is partly because of poverty, if international organizations can find amicable solutions to poverty in the first place, I am pretty sure people can shift their activities from destructive to the environment, and focus on alternatives especially in Africa.

Lumu Lamech

This is a problem we need to give our attention to and we must become united. Please support Youth anywhere in this world.

Noidirepse Baculi

How do we hold corporates responsible and accountable for pollution?

Kabelo Mosia

We, the Youth are appealing to the UN to make Climate Change the first goal for every meeting or conference of whatever agenda since almost every challenge faced by Youth today is a by-product of Climate Change.

Godsave Sanyeche

Nothing for the youth, without the youth! This has been my current message at different forums. Climate Change will have a huge impact on the health and specifically mental health of young people. Let’s ensure the safety of the youth.

Farhan Yusuf

One World, one life, but why do we need COP conferences over COP conferences to save our only world. Why risk our existence at this critical point? Tell the leaders that we are already running out of time and that it’s high time for actions. Let’s act right now!

Kaigama Ismael

Why are we importing Grade-D vehicles that are a hazard to health? There is so much emission on the roads today, the traffic jams tell a horror story of the future. Fix this-allow youth to contribute to nation-building.

Adv Tyrone Havnar

Capacity building among young people as far as climate change is corned is crucial and very important.

Ssendegeya Dauda

The fact is that the youth have been left outside the box of climate change. As a matter of fact, they are the global agents of climate change and they have been left out .Especially those living in dry areas.


Let’s not forget the people in rural areas. They don’t have easy access to information about climate change and a great number don’t even know what it is. This conversation and approach should be inclusive for everyone especially the marginalized.

Jackson W. Makwasi

Bsed on the research on climate change I did in Northern Uganda, it seems most people are aware of climate change. However, there are so many myths surrounding its cause. So COP26 should strengthen how to disseminate rightful information and how to mitigate Climate change

Obong David

Leaders should be on the fore front to make sure that policies to protect climate are fully respected and also continued while sensitizing the masess on climate issues

Cheptoek Elijah

World leaders are focusing on reducing emissions through use of energy, which is great, but there needs to be a large focus on agriculture, livestock and factory farming, responsible for more than 18% of total Green house gas emissions. Along with carbon, methane emissions also need to be reduced to a large scale, which is a byproduct of the above mentioned activities. In countries like India, while factory farming isn’t a very big issue, sustainable agricultural practices have great scope and can generate employment too.

Gautami Bhor

We just need effective governance in all countries in the world. For example, if we have laws governing the environment especially environmental conservation laws. We need to empower the climate change activists so that they find it easier to perform their duties. It’s all about selling ideas to the masses especially to those who are ignorant about the dangers of climate change.

Nsabimaana Roger

We, the people depend on the environment we live in. Zambia is already suffering from the impacts of climate change. Extreme weather events are taking place. We as young people can mantain and make a better place for the next generation.


We need to unite to stop using chemical that can destroy the planet earth. Climate change will not stop and continue if we don’t find solution of problem.


Age is just a number. Do not let others tell you that you cannot do things just because you are young or old. Regardless of your age and position, you have the right to speak up and to fight for the things you believe in.


Avoid the extinction, go beyond words and take transformative actions. You must guarantee a long term future, for the humanity, it is your duty as leaders to protect your peoples.


I don’t want global warming! The right time is now, now is the best time to get back what we lost to climate change, I mentor my learners to be advocates for climate change, we receive heavy rains which destroy their school and communities this prevent them from access education.


Emphasis should be on environmental protection tools that guide on how we can live high quality, low impact lifestyles that heal and restore, rather than destroy our environments! However, “Its sole responsibility of human kind to protect the environment and restore the ecosystem”.

Effect, Uganda

The developed countries owe the youth of developing countries for the planet earth that is now in tears and backfiring us(youth) directly; our farms are dry, unemployment is killing us silently.

Mwammale, 29

There is need and urgency for a youth-led approach to be prioritized for championing of the sustainability of mother nature globally. Countries severely hit by climate change should be more represented by their youthful population to be part of the solutions sought for.

Murugu, 26

Young people need to be heard and included in decision making. This will uplift growth.


Climate change has brought droughts to Zambia as her forests continue to deplete, pollution from mines is bad, as poverty increases no one thinks about the environment but only the basic needs. Dollars need to go to afforestation to help the situation sustainably & provide jobs

Sidney, 36

The time is now, Necessary solutions should be addressed to have a better future for the next generation. Political and economical factor shouldn’t hinder what’s best for the planet. Climate change is Real, Lets Save the Planet!!


Dear our leaders, you have no option but to take action to address climate change otherwise change will change you. And us youth with innovation, are ready to take up any opportunity to work with you because the future lies in our hands.


As young persons, we want our bright future and peace for the world by working together and giving a hand to create a better life for human and nature .

Risawal, 27

I am one of the youth climate representatives but cannot attend Cop26. I wanted to attend the event too as we want to raise the voice we want and need our place at cop26, to be heard and make decisions that can avert climate disaster

Bishal, 21

It will be hard tomorrow to live in a world without life. The worlds Environment has been beheaded, it has no head, it has no hands, it has no eyes, it has no legs. This is being done at this moment when we can talk, walk for it.

Joshua , 30

If you don’t act against climate change, then no matter how much money you leave for your children, it’ll not even cover their healthcare bills, due to living in an unhealthy planet.

Mbingose, 24, Zambia

My message to the world leaders Is to create policies & laws against deforestation and provide areas in every country on Earth for any human being to plant a tree every year. This will help reduce pressure on forests and improve our climate.

Tumwesigye, 33

For so long young voices have been ignored,when we talk about change,when we talk about the future of a nation. We disqualify young voices and young creative minds, it’s time to listen to the young people.

Lin Mûthônî, 22, Nairobi

We are going to experience the worst if the world leaders do not act now.I think world leaders need to act very fast to save our world. If this is not done thats means that we are going to die from a lot of diseases.

Lawrence m. Grabo, 24

Well, the world really need to wake up on climate matters, including the young people. This campaign will really have a great impact in the world since young people’s voices can easily be heard,thanks slot.

Isaac Bukongor, Uganda

Despite growing recognition that climate action must be gender-responsive, the links between climate change and SRHR, we demand meaningful inclusion in all programs addressing climate change as well as those prioritizing access to dignified SRH care.

Kasiita Mark, Uganda

The issue of global warming or climate change has become worse day by day. So it is not only the world leader’s duty to make it possible but also all the Youth out there, because young people make up half of the world’s population.,so that we can avert climate disaster.


This cause needs a much collective effort socially, economically, politically and culturally.

Oloka Keneth, Uganda

Young people have rights to make decisions concerning their future , which seem to have been stolen by climate destructive actions and corporate greed. Young people will find solutions if given the chance, we are not just asking for a chance to , we demand opportunities to.


High mass production has led to the development of the world, but its high time we choose and resort to sustainable way of development, and production. Lets plan for the future now, and ensure the future leaders of tomorrow which today are the youths, enjoy a better world.

Brighton Tozana, 21

Climate change has affected everyone everywhere, let the youths be part of finding the solution. One youth one tree!!

Tulinde, 28

Net-Zero by 2050, any how.


I would ask UN and member states to give more space to youths in the process of governance, policy and politics. I think we are not just meant to ask, protest or be an intermediary of change rather we are the harbingers of change and we demand active participation in decision making.

Chandra Yanakash

Leaders should protect our farmers, protect our food. We demand compensation for loss and damage: compensation now!!! They should honour environmental debts.

Alhassan Sesay

We can’t take climate change and put it on the back burner. If we don’t address climate change, we won’t be around as humans.


We want the top leaders to insist on proper use of various materials in respect with applying recycling and reusing of materials such as plastic, In case of Energy, we advice local people to use sustainable Energy supply.

Tunu Kalanje

Being the future, our collective response as young people must build the resilience of this generation.We must improve the sustainability of the available natural resources, infrastructure, and livelihoods. It’s time to act!

Catrina Akol

It is very ok to protect and preserve the environment due to its values. I think educating people and putting strict laws can help.

Mwiru Yazid

Climate change has adversely affected Kenya with precedented effects being : unpredictable rain which is a cause for food insecurity and hunger; drought; floods which have costed some lives ; and water scarcity.

Beatrice, 19

I don’t want global warming! The right time is now, Now is the best time to get back what we lost to climate change. I mentor my learners to be Advocates for climate change, we receive heavy rains which destroy their schools and communities this prevents them from accessing Education.

Judith Chandia

Farmers in Africa are particularly vulnerable, in part because they mostly rely on rain-fed agriculture instead of irrigation, Many children and youth are affected so much by climate change in Africa, many families are struggling to have a meal.

Dan Ssebakijje , 36 , Uganda

Young people should be given a space at cop26 to participate as young people we are able. We should be given a space to make decisions.

Mirriam, 21

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What do young people have to say to leaders at COP26?

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