Podcast: Fighting FGM in Kenya

In this podcast by young creator Nandini Tanya Lallmon for the #MakeEducationWork campaign, Christine, a female genital mutilation survivor from Kenya, shares her journey of overcoming the ostracism associated with being “impure”.

Christine campaigns against this harmful practice which is often perceived as a ‘purification’ rite of passage for young girls between the ages twelve and fifteen in the Kuria community who are then deemed suitable for marriage.

Through the Safe Engage Foundation, an NGO that she founded, she ensures that adolescent girls stay in school and gain access to employment. Christine describes how the different stakeholders can be involved to combat this social scourge threatening girls’ education and work life.

Listen to Christine’s story below:

About Tanya

Nandini Tanya Lallmon is a social justice activist adopting a decolonial perspective on LGBTQIA+ rights as African Union Youth Charter Hustler for Mauritius.

As Fellow at OutRight Action International, she advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights at the United Nations and harnesses the international law system to protect LGBTQIA+ people from religion-based violence.

Through the #Reform53 campaign, she lobbies against discriminatory laws on behalf of the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network under the Royal Commonwealth Society.

In her role of Community Leader for Internet Health at Digital Grassroots, she leverages the power of traditional and social media to create learning, dialogue and development spaces that are diverse, inclusive and transformative.


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Podcast: Fighting FGM in Kenya

by #MakeEducationWork Reading time: 1 min