The best of WeAreRestless: 2021

Throughout 2021, young people from across the world have raised their voice about issues that matter to them. From championing Youth Power and inclusive feminism to fighting systemic racism, young people have continued to lead change in their communities.

As the year ends, we’re celebrating your favourite writers! Here’s our year-end spotlight on blog posts you’ve read, shared and loved the most:

The world needs youth power more than ever.

Education is for everyone: India’s Digital Divide

Shrek as an example of systemic racism

The Plight of the Sherpas in Nepal

Challenges of the 21st century: Can we conquer them?

Where is the outrage when black and brown women are murdered?

The end of Girlboss Feminism

Fast Fashion: Could traditional clothing be the answer?

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The best of WeAreRestless: 2021

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