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Become a doer: Channel your Youth Power

Young people need to be aware of their creativity. It is high time young people channel their youth power to work independently for change says Emmanuel Nuvalga

Young people are dreamers. Across the world, these dreamers are found dreaming of a better and happier world. However, not all dreamers can transform into doers. 

It is said that “Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. But oftentimes, youth are not able to take that first step. It might be because of a lack of platform, leadership skills or knowledge of the outside world. Unaware of their potential, youths procrastinate and hope others will fight for their future. This attitude of many young people keeps them waiting for the ‘right time’ to start. 

Youth Unemployment in Nigeria.

After graduation, many young people in Nigeria are looking for the right direction. They want to channel their creativity and leadership skills. Young people are seeking opportunities to implement theoretical learning practically in a professional environment. 

However, opportunities are scarce in Nigeria’s employment market and economic growth in Nigeria over recent years has not resulted in a rapid reduction of poverty or in the creation of sufficient decent jobs for the young and rapidly growing labour force.

From 2010 to 2020, unemployment rates increased for young people and youth unemployment (15–34 years old) stood at 35 per cent. A further 28 per cent of young people in the labour force were considered underemployed (working 20–39 hours a week) and 37 per cent were working full time (40 or more hours per week). 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is expecting additional strains on youth labour markets.

Though these statistics do not look ideal, the Nigerian government has introduced the Nigerian Youth Employment Action Plan (2021-2024). However, only a government action plan is not enough.

Channel your Youth Power.

The world needs youth power more than ever. Young people need to be aware of their creativity and youth power. They have to understand that they do not need to depend on the government or other stakeholders to do something in the community. 

Young people need to understand that one doesn’t need multitudes to start. Once you start, your dedication and commitment will inspire others to join you in walking towards the realisation of dreams.

My Youth Power Story.

Get started with the dream you have within you no matter how difficult the beginning is. Instead of going from office to office with your documents looking for jobs which can be frustrating, take a step towards creating jobs.

Good things do not spring forth within a blink of an eye, it takes a long time learning and practising. For me, being selected as Youth Malaria Champion by African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA), participating in Youth Power Hack 2021 and being involved in 2063Academy, Sozo Network’s Youth in Development, African Leaders Academy, ConnectJapan, Volunteer and many others developed leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

I was able to move outside my comfort zone and begin thinking of how to start solving complex problems for the world around me. It exposed me to understand what youth leadership entails.

At present, I have established Support for Girl Child’s Education Initiative, an organisation dedicated to helping girl-child access education. Through my work, I want to inspire young people to start taking personal actions in solving problems around their communities without waiting for the government. I want to contribute to the education of the less privileged in rural communities in Nigeria and beyond.

Creating employment for thousands of Nigerian youths who have been plagued by unemployment is my dream.

Sky is the limit.

You may wonder where and how to start, with limited or no resources. There are thousands of opportunities with abundant resources on the internet ready to help you. There are stories of youth power that can inspire you. It is time young people channel their youth power to work independently for change.

 Young people can use social media to talk about their passion. Your passion will lead you to the resources you need. Research and explore, get connected and get started. The sky is the limit.

Feature Photo by Natalie Pedigo on Unsplash

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Become a doer: Channel your Youth Power

by Emmanuel Nuvalga Reading time: 3 min