What do young people have to say to leaders at COP27?

Climate action will fail without the inclusion of the voices of the world’s younger generation.

Leaders at COP27 are not listening to the youth’s voice and are excluding young people from conversations that matter, especially from countries most affected by climate change effects. Restless Development is supporting the inclusion of young people at COP27. Our representatives heading to Egypt are bringing as many youth voices into COP27 as possible.

World leaders must listen to the young people’s voices.


We, the people depend on the environment we live in and this is supported by the climate changes. Zambia is already suffering from the impacts of climate change. Extreme weather events have been compromised. We as young people can mantain and make a better place for the next generation. 

Paul Juma, Zambia

The developed countries owe the youth of developing countries for the planet earth that is now in tears and backfiring us(youth) directly; our farms are dry, unemployment is killing us silently. 

Mwammale, 29

There is need and urgency for a youth-led approach to be prioritized for championing of the sustainability of mother nature globally. Countries severely hit by climate change should be more represented by their youthful population to be part of the solutions sought for. 

Murugu Maureen Naitore, 26

Young people need to be heard and included in decision making. This will uplift growth and climate change. 


Climate change has brought droughts to Zambia as her forests continue to be depleted, pollution from mines is bad, as poverty increase no one thinks about the environment but only the basic needs. Dollars need to go to afforestation to help the situation sustainably & provide jobs 

Chaangwa Sidney, 36

The time is now, Necessary solutions should be addressed to have a better future for the next generation. Political and economical factor shouldn’t hinder what’s best for the planet. Climate change is Real, Lets Save the Planet!!

Jesca Idos 

Dear leaders, you have no option but to take action to address climate change otherwise change will change you. And us youth are ready to take up any opportunity to work with you because the future lies in our hands.


As youth, we want our bright future and peace for the world . And work together and give a hand create of better life for human and nature.

Risawal Hadi, 27

I am one of the youth climate representatives but I cant attend COP but. I want to to raise our voice and we need our place at cop26 to be heard and to make decision that can avert climate disaster.

Bishal Dhital, 21

Dear my fellow youths, it will be hard tomorrow to live in the world without life. The worlds’ environment has been beheaded, it has no head, it has no hands, it has no eyes, it has no legs. This is being done at this moment when we can talk, walk for it.

Okolong Joshua, 30

If you don’t act against climate change, then no matter how much money you leave for your children, it’ll not even cover their healthcare bills, due to living in an unhealthy planet. 

Mbingose Mwanza, 24, Zambia

My message to the world leaders Is to create policies & laws against deforestation and provide areas in every country on Earth for any human being to plant a tree every year this will help reduce pressure on forests and improve our climate.

Tumwesigye, 33

We are going to experience the worst if world leaders don’t act now.I think world leaders need to act very fast to save our world. If this is not done it means we are going to die from a lot of diseases. 

Lawrence M Grabo, 24, Liberia

For so long young voices have been ignored,when we talk about change,when we talk about the future of a nation but we disqualify young voices and young creative minds, it’s time to listen to the young people.

Lin Mûthônî, 22, Nairobi

Youths are very creative and innovative. But we lack support from from potential funders to implement our eco-inclusive enterprises.Thanks to SEED Starter(UN) for training us how to manage our eco-inclusive enterprises. Invest in us!

Lusekelo Mwandosya, 24, Malawi

Well,the world really needs to wake up on climate matters, including the young people in this campaign will really have a great impact in the world since young people’s voices can easily be heard,thanks slot.

Issac Bukongor, Uganda

We demand meaningful inclusion in all programs addressing climate change as well as those prioritizing access to dignified SRH care as young people.

Kasiita Mark, Uganda

The issue of global warming or climate change has become worse day by day. So it is not only the world leader’s duty to make it possible but also all the Youth out there, because young people make up half of the world’s population,so that we can avert climate disaster. #SaveMotherEarth


This cause needs a much collective effort socially, economically, politically and culturally.

Oloka keneth,Uganda,

Young people have rights to make decisions concerning their future , which seem to have been stolen by climate destructive actions and corporate greed. Young people will find solutions if given the chance to , we are not just asking for a chance to , we demand opportunities to.


High mass production has led to the development of the world, but its high time we choose and resort to sustainable way of development, and production. Lets plan for the future now, and ensure the future leaders of tomorrow which today are the youths, enjoy a better world.

Brighton Tozana, 21 

We are at the turn of this century. We are the voice of change. We are here to fix what Afrika is falling short of. People believe that the youth of this country are insignificant. People believe that the youth have no voice. I say that we were the only people who could have made this movement possible

Bridget Lakisha Matziro
From left: Ines Yabar, Devika Chabbra, Angela Zhong and Azeez Abubakar, Restless Development Youth delegates leading an event at COP 27.

Since  the beginning of the fight against climate change and crises, what are the expected results or positive changes observed? What is the plan of the agenda on the fight against climate crises? As a future generation, we young people are much more exposed to the direct risks of the climate crisis. Young people should be initiated much more into taking action for the climate.

Abanga Will

I think there’s no country most responsible for the climate crisis ,we are all responsible equally. From parents of a small family to the presidents of superpowers. We should preach impacts of damaging nature. Let the world ,young and old act now.

Joan Buttuke

For long the young people from the Queer community have been sidelined from conversations regarding climate change and the environment.

Despite the changes in the climate affecting everyone everywhere we cannot refuse to acknowledge the existence of inequalities due to sexual orientation and Gender identities especially in African Countries like Uganda where I come from.

I have had the opportunity to work with the LGBTQ community in Uganda close to 3 years and never have I ever had the conversation about climate be inclusive and taking into account the unique challenges my community faces, through sharing session I have randomly asked the community to describe their experiences with the environment and to be honest, it’s only when we have this conversation that they even realized that they have a role to play and the environmental changes affect them.

I want to conclude by saying, there is a need to examine the intersectionality of climate change, sexuality and Gender beyond the binary.

Eric Ndawula, Lifeline Youth Empowerment Center (Uganda)

Leaders should start acting if we are to protect our environment and climate. We need more action and less talk. In other words, they should walk the talk. They should also make sure funds allocated to programs related to clean environment and climate change are properly utilized. Thank you.

Amina Sharifa

Kindly do something about the high cost of electric cars, electricity tariffs, electric bikes, electric tractors so as to enable our people to move away from fossil fuels which only benefit a chosen few..

More carbon taxes should be put on fossil fuel gadgets so as to discourage people from using them.

This will reduce the pressure & destruction on our ecosystem, wetlands, catchment areas in order to create human settlements..


The time is now to voice out our messages to the world. We are joining Hands with the rest of the world in the struggle for our space in development. The new Kenya government has excluded youths this information.

Halmon Ebong

The government should Keep fossil fuels in the ground. Fossil fuels include coal, oil and gas – and the more that are extracted and burned, the worse climate change will get. All countries need to move their economies away from fossil fuels.Restore nature to absorb more carbon.

Shomari Rajabu, 27, Tanzania

There has been much advocacy about climate change but nothing changes. It’s high time that we started acting on what we teach on conserving the environment, going back to the old days.

So in this time where things are bad and there are major contributors to climate change, there has to be much to be gotten from them to support the programmes on improving our climate. Something great can be done.

We are all to blame for this and everyone needs to take responsibility. Everyone wants that luxurious life which contributes to climate change. The most affected or vulnerable people are people from poor countries or places.


Hope Kapepa

Hello, Leaders!

Stop blaming to normal civilians, we are just a dependent factors to big industries, whatever the big houses push the products in market, people are forced to buy and use it. So firstly, every industrial plants from the world needs an inspection and control of CO2 and other wastes.

Sandip Adhikari, 30, Nepal

I am an ordinarily citizen born and raised in northern countryside of Uganda, The effects of climate change has posed a threat to our existence,

William Okodi, 34, Uganda

The world leaders at COP should adhere to the changes that are occurring concerning our climate as to put more emphasis to stop air pollution as it leads to massive global warming as it has been estimated by 2025 The ice on top of Mount kilimanjaro will be no more

Charles Nyatindo, 23, Tanzania

Education sector need to Promote skilled youth with Agriculture and farming expertise at higher institutions of learning as mitigation measure for raising cases of unemployment in developing countries. The government’s duty on Irrigation schemes provision in rural communities is critically needed.

Nakola Simon Peter, 33, Uganda

To be honest, the communities need to be involved in issues regarding climate disasters like flood. if there is a community that is in an area prone to floods or occurring landslides, the government and the community should come to an agreement to resettle homesteads until the area is sustainable .

Imura Barbra, Uganda

Following the world climate change agenda the countries should re think a better way to support youths and their groups to play a greater role to protect the climatic condition rather than always educating them. Actions are the only better way to save our planet Earth

Juma Kihindo, Tanzania

As a youth who is creating a sustainable future for the next generation, I assertively demand your accountability for better approaches to address Climate Change. You all have the platform and the power to craft policies. With that, I demand you to stand up and to take action.

Mariel Gardose, 27, Philippines

When we look into global causes of climate change, all the statistics for the African continent are low. But the impact of climate change in Africa is of unprecedented concern. This is unfair and those responsible for this situation must assume & act now.


Kaigama Ismael, Cameroon

My message : 1.Let’s plant trees all over to reduce the harmful gasses being released to the atmosphere. 2. Let’s adopt a policy that will enable complete use of solar energy to reduce further effect. Let the governments increase funding in the above projects.

Justus Odemba, Kenya

The time is now, let us wake up and save the globe ,for us and the generations to come after us.Climate change is a monster ready to devour us all.

Let COP27 be positively impactful,we can’t live on empty promises ,Loss and damage can nolonger be swept under the carpet.

Climate crisis is urgent !!

Linet Nabwire, 31, Uganda

I am concerned that the world is facing a profound existential risk: Climate Change. Nowhere is that risk going to be more dangerous than in Africa: The continent that has contributed least to causing Climate change, and yet the continent that will suffer the most because of that climate Change.

Charles Kamvere, 25, Malawi

Climate change shouldn’t be just activism, it should be prioritized as a Human right. The right to good climate conditions should be universal.

Aminah Nassali, 26, Uganda

Climate change, impacts the most vulnerable household, communities and countries. However they are less involved in the process coming up with real solutions to the problems they are faced with due to the impacts of climate changes. Thus there need to change the approaches of climate justice.

Fred Mutenyo, 49, Uganda

It hurts alot to see how my fellow youths are tokenized by politicians.

Young people’s views are not fully considered.

We want Youth inclusiveness at Global platforms to voices out our views and contribute something for the betterment of the world.

Fredrick Zulu, 23, Zambia

A good leader is the one who is led by people and living in God’s will, understanding development is difficult among leaders that they think of materialistic things to provide to the least developed people, which is not the case.

Development is one’s change of mind thus, transformation.

Allen Muhire, 27, Uganda

It’s a time for Action now not words, The world Must be a better place for everyone to stay.

Saustine Lusanzu, 25, Tanzania

We are kindly urging leaders to do follow ups on their commitments. Once you commit to certain action the duty is on you to make sure you do what you said you will do. We thank all the member states that see this as a global issue and take action right away.

Rajie Saad

The countries heading this COP27 house the men and women including policies/agendas that harm our planet the most. To the contrary, poor nations with majority of the underserved population are suffering most from the effects of climate change. What punitive actions have been taken against them?

Henry Isabirye, 36, Uganda

The entire globe carbon foot print is not reducing as agreed and the big economies are not doing much in the sense that they have not honoured their monetary contributions towards carbon foot print. Let’s promote the clean energy concept and work towards a better world and we can do it.All the best

Kennedy Musenge, Zambia

Environment is the source of health.

The world is very polluted by the peoples’ work.

Corruption is messing all these.

COP members must discuss well on how to preserve the environment in the world especially to the developing nations, where deforestation is high.

Pelesi Kayange, Tanzania

Take a moment to playback the helplessness you felt when Covid 19 hit… How every other day was news of someone you know having died…. The detrimental effects of Climate change are going to hit harder than the pandemic…. Except this time you have the chance though brief to stop it.

Kudzai Joy Gweshe, 36, Zimbabwe

For the sake of the 3 billion Youth on the planet, and for the future progress of nations with sustainable economic development, we Youth urge decision-makers to consider the issue of climate change not as a mere environmental issue, but as a national security issue.

Jin Tanaka, 25, Japan

As a young adult, the idea of catastrophic climate change absolutely terrifies me. I am only 23, yet I am not sure what the state of the world will be in my forties, not to mention my senior years. I call on you, as people in power, to put an end to the industries that continue to pollute the planet

Kenneth Haggett, 23, Canada


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What do young people have to say to leaders at COP27?

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