Image of a Isabella (A seven year old girl) riding a bicycle and laughing. She is a participant at Restless Development's school triathlon fundraising series.
Isabella riding a bicycle as part of the triathlon

Triathlon Champions: Guacamole Force

Guacamole Force’s; Hugo, Noah, Joshua, Ruben, and Isabella take part in Knight Frank Schools Triathlon organised at Oundle School, and raise an incredible £1,905 for charity.

Across the seven School Triathlon events held across the country – we saw many inspiring stories. Seven-year-old Isabella was told by doctors she would never ride a bike or master swimming. This is all due to severe Dyspraxia which affects her coordination and balance – hopscotch and skipping are real challenges.  

You can imagine her parents’ shock when she bounced out of school one afternoon this year and announced she was going to do a Triathlon. 

What is the Schools Triathlon? 

The Schools Triathlon is a national series organised by Restless Development. This year, more than 6,000 pupils took part to raise over £600k. Every pound raised was doubled by the UK Government as part of the #PowerUp appeal, bringing the grand total to £1.2m. Thanks to event sponsors, Flight Centre, Knight Frank & Limitless, the funds raised will go directly to the charity. 

The Power Up project will work with teenage girls and women, schools, parents and communities to ensure girls and women can go to school, stay in school and go on to have careers. Girls in Sierra Leone will receive mentorship to create individual career plans, receive training in business skills, and receive grants for starting small businesses.

Isabella put in the hard work practising her swimming and cycling before the event and defied expectations by completing the triathlon with her team, ‘Guacamole Force’. Her teammates Hugo, Noah, Joshua and Ruben embodied the team spirit of the event, by helping and encouraging Isabella every step of the way. The Schools Triathlon is not about being the fastest or the best but about taking part and achieving something special with your friends.  

I am so pleased that she was brave enough to put her hand up to take part, her challenges will continue with academics and sports but she has determination in spades and hopefully this will see her through.

Debbie Jones, Isabella’s Mother

Isabella inspired many with her determination and together with her team raised an incredible £1,905. This amount ensures that 38 girls in Sierra Leone receive the education they deserve and are supported to move up into higher education or build their careers.

I can honestly say she made us the proudest parents on the planet, if her story encourages others in her position and gives parents hope then we will be thrilled.

Debbie Jones
Thank you to the Guacamole Force: Isabella, Hugo, Noah, Joshua and Ruben! We look forward to seeing you again next year at Oundle School, Knight Frank Schools Triathlon on Sunday 14th May.


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Triathlon Champions: Guacamole Force

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