What is the #RestlessScience campaign?

Our campaign is born out of an interest in raising awareness and mobilizing people in favor of climate change and biodiversity, all focused on the Global Commons and the Science-Based Targets for Nature.

Our approach.

So, with the support of Global Commons Alliance and Restless Development, we created a campaign that will connect with young people, corporations, and media, in a way to explain and inspire to action about the Science-Based Targets for Nature, through:

  • Creative videos
  • Actions on social media
  • Blogs
  • Interviews with young people and corporations;

And all of this has been strategically assembled and thought out between the 8 of us, aligned with our objectives as a group that seeks to cause impact and awareness regarding the importance of global commons and how you, given your reality and environment, can impact and make the difference today for the sake of our home Earth and its commons!

What are the Science-based targets for Nature?

Now you must be asking: what are the science-based targets for nature and why are they important?

Well, the Science-Based Targets for Nature, or as we call, the SBTs, are a way that the Global Commons Alliance envisions to create measurable paths and strategies for companies and cities to take action in favor of nature. And all that, by understanding that they usually explore common goods the most for their development. So, cities and companies have the potential to change our future, by using their power and tools for climate justice and the natural reality of our planet.

In other words, the Science-Based Targets for Nature are a scientific guide with measurable goals on how companies and cities can structure their actions for the good of nature, climate justice, and the global commons.

And GCA, which plans to share the first SBTs for companies this year, already defined 5 steps that can be followed by them, (ASSESS, INTERPRET & PRIORITIZE, MEASURE, SET & DISCLOSE, ACT, TRACK) and you can see more, here.

Our audience:

We seek to connect with youth and companies, as we understand the potential for communication and change that they have:

  • Young people, because we represent 15.5% of the world’s population, and we understand that with our perspective and will to change, we can transform our reality.
  • Companies, because we understand that companies are a very responsible part of climate change and that they have sufficient power and tools able to cause a profoundly positive change for climate justice.

Be a part of the change!

For our campaign to succeed, it’s important to create an awareness net with companies that want to get involved and make the chance, and with young people, interested in climate justice and willing to call for action companies that could join us with the Science-Based Targets for Nature!

So, for the next months, we will develop an informative campaign, informing and engaging companies and youth on how they can be a part of the #RestlessScience!

Meet our partners.

The development of #RestlessScience only possible through the effort and active interest of the Global Commons Alliance and Restless Development to support us in mobilizing actions that seek to bring about change in our world.

  1. I feel like many companies and institutions are still taking climate change unserious and think it’s a joke when in reality there is a lot going on in our climate which abs a long lasting effects on our planet as we are starting to see how fast the glaciers are melting ,our rainfall pattern keeps changing ,there is continuous depletion of the environment and airborne diseases are on the rise now more than ever due to some of the emissions of some factories and it’s about time that change

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What is the #RestlessScience campaign?

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