Youth leaders changing the world: building a larger us

The focus of The Big Idea series is how to ensure decision-makers sit up, listen and act on the links between climate change and education. Larger Us looks at what it is to be a different type of change-maker – one that shifts from a “them and us” approach to a larger us approach, recognising the humanity in the “other side” and what motivates them to think and act in the way that they do.

For this conversation, Daniella our GCA youth steering committee member met with Alex Evans, Executive Director of Larger us to talk about this different approach to change-making.

What does building a larger us look like, who is involved and how can young people be a part of it? At a time when we talk about tackling climate change and fighting education crises, are we just reinforcing a narrative that forces people to take sides? Can we ever win the argument if we do that? How can young people navigate an approach to activism that looks to build a larger us?

When global issues get really polarised its very difficult for us to get victories that last.  So what Larger Us is about at its core is what would be a kind of changemaking rather than contributing to ‘them and us’ dynamics does the opposite and builds a larger us by expanding our circles of compassion.

Alex Evans


We would love to hear from young people who are pursuing changemaking and are interested in the questions we have been exploring in this conversation. 

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Youth leaders changing the world: building a larger us

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