Commission on Population, Education and  Sustainable Development: learnings on SRHR, networking and advocacy

Raghd Abderahim Abou Aisha recounts her learning and advocacy experience at Commission on Population, Education and Sustainable Development.

My participation and attendance at the 56th session of Comission on Population, Education and  Sustainable Development at the United Nations headquarters in New York represented a paradigm shift for me. It set international standards and policies which promote inclusive, equitable and sustainable development all around the world. 

This session increased my awareness of the global challenges and issues about development and population, in addition to the social, economic and environmental issues affecting youth, women and society, which are shared by all world countries, especially developing countries.   

Expanding my knowledge.

I was able to attend the session from 10 to 14 April 2023 in New York at the conference. This experience helped me to know people’s opinions, recognize a great number of various issues, bring forth new ideas, and listen to different points of view on many subjects- especially around comprehensive sexuality education for everyone, whether it concerned youth or persons with disabilities. 

In addition, I was also able to learn the role of women in society, the significance of ending gender-based violence and the importance of gender equality through the promotion of participation in all its forms. 

The side activities in the 56th session also included several different topics like the importance of investing in youth as a human capital and benefiting from their experience and skills, the promotion of women’s issues, and offering support to women and preserving their place and role in all societies by empowering them, especially in middle-income countries. 

This session was an opportunity for me to communicate with experts and practitioners who work in the field of sexual and reproductive rights, and build a network with the representatives of international organizations from all over the world. 

It helped me to think about the importance of expanding operations in Jordan by establishing partnerships with local organizations and relevant institutions working on sexual and reproductive rights. It also showed me the importance of advocacy work and the development of curricula to include comprehensive sexuality education. 

Personal Development.

The session greatly enhanced my skills and experience, mainly my self-confidence and personality. It allowed me to gain language skills, develop my knowledge and many other competencies. I made new friends and built international and local networks. It also emphasized the importance of access to the launch of awareness and education campaigns in the local community by using social media tools and various media outlets to avoid the spread of false information concerning sexual and reproductive health.                

As a part of the new generation and being a young woman who works at the “Arab Renaissance for Development and Democracy (ARDD)”, this path has made me proud of myself especially since the issues I am working on are the same ones that have been discussed by 60 countries in the New York conference.

Finally, I would like to thank all who supported me, helped me participate, and contributed to improving my professional career. I would also like to thank “I Dare for Sustainable Development” who nominated me for the “We Lead” program with the “Arab Network for Civic Education (Anhre)” to participate session and represent the non-governmental organizations. 

I am forever thankful to the continued support from my workplace- the Arab Renaissance for Development and Democracy (ARDD).         


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Commission on Population, Education and  Sustainable Development: learnings on SRHR, networking and advocacy

by Raghd Abderahim Abou Aisha Reading time: 2 min