I am supporting young climate activists. Here’s why you should too.

Young people are committed to taking action to protect the future of our planet. In this blog, Tessa Marley highlights how your investment is valuable to support young people build a better tomorrow.

70% of youth power say that climate action is their top priority

If climate action is young people’s priority, shouldn’t it be yours too?

3.6 billion people live in environments that are highly vulnerable to climate change. Climate change puts water and food security under threat. For the first time, this was taken seriously at COP27 and adaptation and mitigation programmes were outlined.

 At Restless Development, we are action makers, we are creating the changes that COP27 was only talking about. The Climate Justice programme in Uganda is empowering young people like Franco to plant trees for soil stability and biodiversity. Farming makes up 60% of Ugandan employment so it is vital to adapt to these climatic changes.

Franco planting seedlings as part of his tree activism to protect the environment and combat climate change.

India is also experiencing devastating effects from changing climates for example the recent monsoons and ruinous floods in New Delhi. To combat these disasters Restless Development is training young people to lead action on their priorities and solutions.

Youth Climate Activists are now keeping the policymakers accountable to their word.

With your donation, young climate activists such as Franco and many more worldwide are equipped to make their livelihoods more resilient.

Please donate now to help give training to young people to find solutions to the climate crisis and secure their rightful claim to a safer planet. The appeal closes midday 18th July.

Tessa Marley

My name is Tessa Marley, I am going into my final year at University of Nottingham studying Geography (BA). My interests lie in food sustainability and human injustices such as living in conflict zones, forced migration and unfair labour conditions. I am a challenge leader for the University of Nottingham and we will be hiking Mt Kilimanjaro in 2024 for Restless Development. I look forward to the physical challenge of the hike and hosting lively fundraising events. My hobbies outside my degree are sport, music and outdoor adventure.

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I am supporting young climate activists. Here’s why you should too.

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