Empowering and Amplifying Voices: We Lead’s Impact at the Women Deliver Conference 2023

In the vibrant arena of the Women Deliver Conference 2023, WeLead had a significant presence within this global feminist advocacy space. With over 6,300+ feminists from 170 countries, and 10,000 participants engaging online, Women Deliver served as a dynamic platform for activists worldwide. This environment catered to young people, encouraged interactions, supported knowledge sharing, and recognized the variety of global experiences and creative endeavours.

We Lead: A Global Force at Women Deliver

We Lead made its mark at the Women Deliver Conference 2023. Rights holders from Guatemala, Honduras, Lebanon, Jordan, Uganda, Kenya, Niger, and Nigeria, alongside We Lead staff and project managers, participated actively in the conference. They went above and beyond to make sure their voices were heard.

WeLead offered a safe space for the participants at the Hivos booth during the conference. This space became a hub for rest, connections, and support. 

Additionally, WeLead put together an interactive side event under Nest Hub hosted by the UN Foundation titled “Intersectionality in Practice – Building a Global SRHR Movement Serving Young Women in All Their Diversity.” Moderated by Moufeeda Haidar, Senior Youth Collective Coordinator at Restless Development, the session featured insights from activists who are part of the WeLead Community of Action such as Andrea Paz representing Fundación LLaves from Honduras and Farah Abi Mershed representing Noun Al-Tadamon, fostering an open dialogue with the audience. Participants were encouraged to engage fully which sparked discussions regarding cross-movement actions. 

To know more about the event, please read this article.

Lebanon Community of Action Facilitator, Nour Nahhas, and, Founder of Jeyetna (part of Lebanon Community of Action), Vanessa Zammar, shared their experiences and perspectives on young feminist movements during the launch of the State of Youth Civil Society Report 2023: Young, Feminist, and Fearless- holding the line side event, organized by Restless Development. Likewise, we also supported Nadia Alashi from Y-Peer Jordan to speak at the “Strategies for Equality in the Arab Region” event hosted by the Arab Institute for Women at the Lebanese American University. She addressed the region’s challenges and proposed solutions, based on her work and experience in Jordan.

A reception that Hivos also organized provided additional chances for conference attendees to collaborate and network.

Why It Matters

The Women Deliver Conference 2023 gave rights holders who represent CoAs from several countries a vital platform. It gave them the chance to talk about their work, share their distinctive experiences, and firmly position the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) agenda within the international conversation. They were given the practical skills to navigate international spaces, gain diverse perspectives, and establish deep connections.

As we reflect on the remarkable discussions and moments at Women Deliver 2023, we are reminded of the importance of such events. They strengthen voices and pave the way for future collaborations, strengthening the global feminist movement and making it more inclusive.

Going Forward

The lessons learned and experiences shared at Women Deliver 2023 will act as catalysts for ongoing advocacy and collaboration in the future. WeLead is still dedicated to amplifying voices, developing connections, and enacting change on a global scale. Together, we advance, building a future where every rights holder’s voice is being heard, pushing the SRHR agenda forward on different levels.


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Empowering and Amplifying Voices: We Lead’s Impact at the Women Deliver Conference 2023

by Moufeeda Haidar Reading time: 2 min