#WelcomeTheFuture with Restless Development! 

On the 4th of July 2024, the UK held a General Election that resulted in 335 new MPs entering the House of Commons. We wanted to welcome this influx of new, eager MPs who are ready to put their stamp on the political landscape and encourage them to stand with young people everywhere who are working together for a more just and sustainable world. 

1,641,456 young people registered to vote at this year’s General Election in the UK, which is an incredible sign of young people’s democratic power, influence and engagement. More than half of the world is under 30 years of age and it is time for their priorities to be front and centre on the political radar. 

We never do things passively here at Restless Development, so to push the importance of meaningful youth engagement within democratic spaces, we took to the streets of Westminster, even if it meant a 3am start for some of our team! 

We eagerly gathered together and positioned ourselves outside of Portcullis House to welcome the new MPs into their first official day of Parliament. We handed out ‘Good Luck’ cards which also linked to our Open Letter calling on MPs to include and prioritise youth voice in all they do. As a bonus, why not check out our video from some young activists across the UK to hear how they’d like MPs to #WelcomeTheFuture? 

Our team had interesting conversations with equally as interesting MPs to discuss what can be done to include young people’s priorities into the UK’s developing and shifting policies under a new Government. We had a glimpse into the life of a new MP, which consisted of a lot of speed-walking to various meetings. We hope this will be followed by a lot of speedy developments for youth needs and priorities too! 

New MPs today are entering an entirely different space compared to what most of them are used to and there will be so many interesting, but overwhelming, demands made of them. Here at Restless Development we will work with our amazing collective of young activists and changemakers around the world to encourage real and meaningful change, in the spirit of collaboration with MPs who we think could do with a helping hand in changing the world for the better. 

After all, social, economic and political growth does not happen overnight, and it can not be done alone. We must involve and centre those with lived experience in discussions around policy, to ensure the right decisions are made in partnership with communities. Young people are crucial to this.

If you would like to be a part of our #WelcomeTheFuture campaign, please share our Open Letter with your local MP, and call on them to put young people’s priorities on the political agenda. We are directing all MPs to focus on:

  • Listening. Will you listen to young people, giving a clear sign that this Parliament will stand by their side and co-create a kinder, fairer and more inclusive future for all?
  • Partnering with young people. Everyone has a role to play in finding solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. Will you work in partnership with young people to realise a sustainable future for all?
  • Amplifying Youth Power. Will you use your voice to make sure young people are heard?

Young people stand ready to work with Parliament and build a better future for all. Let’s #WelcomeTheFuture together, today! 

All photos courtesy : Emily McChrystal


  • Emily McChrystal

    Emily McChrystal is our UK Youth Power Coordinator and leads the Walking The Talk programme focusing on the implementation and adoption of Feminist Foreign Policies and more and better Official Development Assistance for the feminist Global South.

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#WelcomeTheFuture with Restless Development! 

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