Writing A Blog:

How do I write a blog?

Writing a blog can be tricky and sometimes slightly intimidating. Here is our step by step guide to help you put together an excellent blog!

What do you want to write about?

We want young people to speak up on the issues that matter to them! But we understand that sometimes when you have so much to say, it can be hard to know when to start.

Begin with finding something you are passionate about. What do you want to say about a topic and why do you think it is important? You can read through some of our Editor’s Picks or browse through our different sections for inspiration. Here is a guide to each of our general themes:

World: We publish stories of young people from all over the world. Maybe you want to write about the situation in your country or a place you’ve visited?

Issues: Whether it’s the environment, gender equality or youth governance that you care about, we cover all the issues that matter to young people in this section.

Lifestyle: Culture and all the things that make our young lives interesting. If you’ve got a view on how things like music or sport can help change the world in small or big ways, let us know.

Once you have your topic, How do you put it into a blog?

We publish blogs about issues and events happening across the world to a global audience, therefore it is important to be clear and write in a way that is accessible to people that might not be informed on the topic you are blogging about. Here are some questions to think about when structuring your blog.  

Who/What? Be clear about who or what your blog is about from the beginning. Who or what is the focus of the story. What are you trying to say about it? The best blogs don’t try to say everything at once but concentrate on one issue at a time.

Where? Set the scene for your blog. Don’t assume that the reader knows anything about the topic. Give your blog context. Think about where the story is set.

What information does the reader need to know to be informed about the topic? This might mean you need to do some wider research on the theme of the blog. Use links.  If there are wider points you would like to make but don’t have room to say it all, make use of hyperlinks so people can do more reading if they want to.

When?Blogs are often timely and sometimes reflect or relate to events happening in a wider content, therefore you sometimes need to be clear about why the topic you are talking about is important at the time you are writing it.

Style of writing.  

Think like the reader. Keep asking yourself: If I saw the headline, would I click through to find out more? If I was reading through, would I keep reading until the end? Would I understand what this blog was about if I didn’t know anything about the topic? Be creative with your title so that you can entice a reader. And don’t forget to attach appropriate images to accompany your post.

Be informal but informative. This is your voice so be yourself and write however you feel comfortable. Feel free to be emotive and use casual, conversational language. The reader doesn’t want to read a formal essay!

How does it look?  

Images break up a page and give a visual description for the reader. If you don’t have pictures that directly link to your blog topic then be creative! You could draw an illustration or even create graphics.

Keep it short. Aim for between 400-800 words maximum. Use short sentences and try to stick to one paragraph per idea. Blogs should be a more informal way for people to read about a topic so seeing too much text might put them off reading.

So now you’ve got something to say and know how to say it, go ahead and submit it.

Social Media Takeovers:

Share your advocacy and campaigning experiences with our social media networks!

If you are part of an exciting campaign/event or activity that you think might be interesting to share with our Twitter or Instagram audiences then submit your idea for the chance to take over our accounts.

You could be attending an advocacy event or workshop, protest or rally or maybe you are hosting an event to raise awareness on a particular day of the year.

As long as the takeover is interesting and informatively aligned with our themes then we are keen to showcase what you are up too!

Follow these links to find out how to submit your takeover:




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