Pride month is celebrated across the world every June to mark the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots in the USA, a watershed event for LGBTQI+ rights. The world has come a long way in ensuring rights and protection for LGBTQI+ people across the globe. However, same-sex activities are still criminalised in 68 UN member countries and even in the 123 countries where they are not criminalised, social stigma can be high. 

This year, because of Covid-19 pride celebrations have been cancelled in most parts of the world and/or have gone online. This period has also brought out deep inequalities that exist within LGBTQI+ communities especially along lines of class and race. 

At Restless Development, we believe in supporting young people as well as grassroots youth-led movements to achieve a just and equal world. And in that spirit, Aapurv and Jenny have gathered five stories of young LGBTQI+ activists from across the globe to showcase their resilience in the face of uncertainty and how they are celebrating pride during the pandemic. 

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